Award: I prize- competition organized by Si&Si Company, Belgrade 2011.
Tequila Baru is an innovative product designed for spirit dispensing, the minimalistic form of which provides a unique way of dispensing tequila.
- body (glass – sandblasted glass)
- lid (plastic – toned plexiglass)
- cap (rubber)

How the product works:
1. open the safety ring
2. upon opening the safety ring, the lid is pulled back in order to free the pyramidal rubber cap
3. upon pulling the lid up, the pyramidal cap is simultaneously pulled up as well, which enables dispensing the liquid out of the bottle
4. dispensing is done down the internal walls of the bottle neck (indented pyramids). There is an opening on the bottleneck for air conduction the purpose of which is to introduce air into the bottle and expel the liquid out


Award: III prize - competition organized by Si&Si Company, Belgrade 2011.
Inspiring rum is an innovative product designed for spirit dispensing, the form of which is inspired by the original rum package design.
- body (glass – toned glass, lid - plastic)
- cover (plastic – toned plexiglass)

How the product works:
1. by rotating the lid counter-clockwise, the openings on the lid and the bottle body overlap each other. This ensures safe spirit dispensing
2. pulling the lid up activates the doser which is specially designed to prevent the liquid from dribbling down the side of the bottle while dispensing
3. by putting the lid back on, the doser returns to its original position (in the bottle lid)
4. rotating the lid clockwise separates the openings on the lid and the bottle body. This prevents leakage of liquid from the bottle


Participation - competition organized by Si&Si Company, Belgrade 2011.
Tequila Casita is a special product designed for spirit dispensing, the elements of which are functionally and visually combined to the purpose of providing a unique way of tequila dispensing.
- body (glass – sandblasted glass)
- container (plastic – toned plexiglass)
- cork (rubber)

How the product works:
1. lid in the closed position ensures complete air tightness of the bottle
2. by pulling the safety lid out, the bottle is in the free position so the rubber cork can be pulled out
3. fixing the bottle in the upper position (spirit dispensing position)
4. by placing the safety lid back on, the bottle is ready for spirit dispensing


Award: I prize - competition organized by Royal Eco Food - Siepa, Belgrade 2010.
Gift crates are a product of traditional design intended for customers who cherish the good old days.
- a small crate with two jars (spicy and mild pepper chutney)
- a small crate with three jars (spicy and mild pepper chutney, spicy plum sauce)

- crates (wood – fir wood, cotton fabric, plastic)
- jars (china, toned glass)


The concept design for the perfume “Paradigm” bottle 2018-2019
The inspiration for this design solution is reflected in simple, fluid forms whose ergonomics make the product easy to hold and use. In addition to ergonomics, this product combines natural materials such as glass with aluminum, resulting in the unique look of the perfume bottle designs.

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