Granite kitchen sinks

Cooperation with the company "Metalac Inko", 2016-2017
XQUADRO / XVENERA kitchen sinks are products of elegant and well-ballanced - simple forms, designed for the kind of interior which emanates simplicity in every respect. Inspired by the dynamics of motion with a small number of straight lines that cross the surface, leaving long and clean shapes - in this way making the product and unassuming in both visual and practical terms. What sets this product apart and what is the key to its design is its dynamics hidden in the form of an asymmetric basin, which in this case is the base that dominates the form of the whole product and dictates the arrangement of the kitchen sink line. The design includes a series of six types for XQuadro, as well as a series of three XVenera kitchen sinks: X Quadro M, X Quadro Plus, X Quadro Plus 1.5D, X Quadro Plus 2D, X Quadro 40, X Quadro 50, XVenera, XveneraM, XVeneraPlus. The natural material of XGranit kitchen sink is quartz, which makes 80% of the composition of the product, and under controlled conditions is mixed with the appropriate resin of the highest quality. The end product is a material of exceptional strength and resistance, which gives the impression of natural stone.
Available colors: black, white, gray, beige, champagne.

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